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'erosion control slope protection retaining wall channel protection ground stabilization'
Geocell We are the leading manufacturer, exporter , importer and supplier of supreme quality Erosion Control Geocell. The offered range is a three-dimensional cellular confinement system manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) strips that are ultrasonically welded together to create a strong, lightweight expandable panel. Its unique hoop strength and interconnecting cell walls form a durable composite mattress that can be filled with common materials for the most demanding load support and erosion control applications. Applications Erosion Control Slope Protection Retaining Wall Channel Protection Ground Stabilization
Geocell We are the leading manufacturer, exporter , importer and supplier of supreme quality Erosion Control Geocell .Geocell is a lightweight, but strong, three-dimensional honeycomb shaped cellular confinement system. It can be used as a foundation reinforcement mat for improvement of load bearing capacities of weak soils and as an erosion control barrier for slope surfaces. As a load support system effectively improves the load carrying capacities of weak soils. Features: Dimensional accuracy Durability High strength Applications: Erosion Control Slope Protection Retaining Wall Channel Protection Ground Stabilization Load Support
Geobag Geo Bags is one of the many products manufactured by us. We offer supreme quality Geo Bags which is filled with soil and properly sewn. Geo Bags is a great substitute of conventional marine protection material. Our Geo Bags has high strength and long life span. All of the above attributes have made us one of the leading Geo Bags Manufacturers and exporters. Application: Wetland Construction Protection For Beach Abrasion Breakwater Containment Dikes For Dredge Materials
Ocean Geotextile We offer a wide range of Geotextile and Felt Fabrics. Geotextile fabrics have their project, structure, or system based on various geotechnical materials such as soils, rock, earth etc. Geotextile fabrics are either used to restrict or allow passage of Water, as desired. fabrics are also known as civil engineering fabrics, erosion control cloth, filter fabrics and support membranes. They are also used in waterproofing. Features: • 1 Appealing designs 2 Unique color combinations • 3 Color fastness
Gabion box We are offering a quality range of Gabion Box to our valued clients. Gabion Box are multiple twisted hexagonally woven galvanized or PVC coated steel wire mesh compartmented baskets with a rectangular box shape. Features: Corrosion resistant Excellent functionality Robust construction Application Retaining walls River valley project Hills & tracks Anti erosion soil project Water-shed hill project Highway & road project Construction project
Geobags We offer superior quality Geobags made from Nonwoven PET Polyester or Polypropylene. They are made strictly as per specifications of various state departments and are known in the market for various features like high tensile strength and good abrasive resistance.The Geotextile Bags are comparatively small in size and used for erosion control as well as construction of small breakwaters and bunds. Geobags are a very economical as compared to other options and also have an advantage of speedy construction and easy construction methodology. Geobags are made up of high strength woven geotextile bags that are UV resistant.
Geobags We are the manufacturers of Geo Bags Our Geobags used for River Banks and Flood Controls have high strength and durability for holding all kinds of sand particles. Geobags are made from Polyester or PP fibre or blend of both as per specification and user requirements. We also provide high tenacity Needle Punch fabric for making Geobags. Salient Features: 1. Easy to use. 2. Can be made avaliable for all places. 3. Best Prices.
Draincell We are a unique entity in this industry, actively engaged in offering a premium quality array of DrainCell. Drainage Cells are manufactured from high strength polypropylene and are used in various applications like terrace gardens, planter and podium systems, basement retaining walls, landscape decks, pond filtration systems, sports fields , agri - horti applications etc. Features of application Accurate dimension Sturdy construction Corrosion resistant
Drainage cell We are offering a wide range of 20mm& 30mm Drain cells to our valued clients. These cells are used for the greening of roofs, subway tunnels as it helps to remove excess water and promotes plant growth.These can be widely used for ground and surface water drainage system, roof garden and suitable for all kinds of the landscape on the top. Features: Controls water logging Easily installed Long durability Reduce water pollutants