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Geo-membrane Manufac

Geo-membrane Manufacturer in  Sao Paulo  

We have emerged as the foremost manufacturer, trader and supplier of Geomembrane Geomembrane are a kind of geosynthetic material made up of an impermeable membranes. Their uses include solid waste containment (such as landfill liners), mining, and water containment applications.Agricultural Pits and Ponds, Aqua Cultural Applications, Canals, Constructed Wetlands, Decorative Water Features, Evaporation Ponds, Exposed Covers and Caps, Floating Covers, Golf Course Water Features, Landscaping Features, Retention Ponds, Water Conservation Applications, Water Reservoirs. Applications Some examples of geomembranes uses are: Waste and landfills Mining Water storage Canals Aquaculture Agriculture Building and construction 

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