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Geopipe We are the Manufacturer ,supplier & exporter of Geopipe in all over the world.A geopipe with partial perforated structure is disclosed. The geopipe includes a water permeable portion with a plurality of perforated through holes arranged on an upper arc surface of the geopipe for permitting liquid outside the geopipe permeating into the geopipe through the perforated through holes Features of Geopipe · Corrosion and heat resistance · Excellent surface finish · High pressure bearer
Geo pipe We are leading manufacturer ,supplier & Exporter of Geo pipe Drainage Pipe which have the capacity to carry run off water for sub surface drainage. These pipes are used along with non-woven Geotextile or natural filter media.The density of pipes depends upon the quantum of water flow expected on the surface of the slope or pavement. Features of Geopipe Leakage proof High strength Weather resistant
Geopipe We are the leading manufacturer ,supplier & exporter of Geopipe The drainage perforations are created in the valley of the corrugations which protect the pipe from blockage from drainage aggregate and make it ideal for use with composite drainage systems and geotextile socks. Drainage is extremely resistant to both acid and alkali attack. Advantages of Geopipe Easy inspection and control thanks to the bright green internal color Resistant to UV radiators due to special ageing stabilizers Easy loading, transportation, storing and handling due to reduced weight
Geopipe We are a professional manufacturer , supplier and exporter of Geopipe While perforated pipe can come in a wide variety of materials, including clayware, fibre-cement, concrete and ductile iron, HDPE/PVC has been a stalwart in the drainage industry proving time and again that it is the most reliable, economical and effective piping material on the market. Two of its most important features are: 1. Flexibility 2. Perforated
Geomembrane we are offering a wide range of Geomembrane. Geo membranes is manufactured in various thermoplastic material like PP, HDPE, LDPE and PVC. Offered in various specifications, these geo membranes are offered at competitive prices. Advantages of PP / HDPE Geo Membranes High elongation rate will not allow to develop crack due to movement of soil Very smooth & glossy surface (Also available with smooth surface on top side & rough / textured surface on bottom side for excellent gripping
Drainage cell We Are offer a wide rang of Drainage Cell It is made By recycled polypropylene, or plastic structure that interlocks each other. It is used for draining horizontal and vertical structure. The high strength drainage cell is of quality, which is offered to the clients for their fulfilment of diverse requirement. Some of the advantages are as follows: 1 Easy to use 2 Maintenance of waste 3 Need based
Draincell We are offer a wide range of Drainage cell .Its is a light weight, high strength modular drainage cell designed primarily for sub-surface drainage. It is manufactured from high strength recycled polypropylene and used in the construction of roof gardens, plaza decks, basements, concealed drains, planter boxes and sport fields. Features of drainage cell Interlocking cellular drainage modules Cells can easily to cut to required size. Manufactured from recycled plastics hence eco-friendly.
GeoComposite Our geocompoiste are durable and highly efficient in their field of operation which makes us a well-known Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Geo-composite in India.& world We are offering a wide range of Geo-composite These are basically combinations of two or more different types of geosynthetic. As most of the individual components are thermoplastic they can be thermally laminated, but adhesive bonding and needle punching are also used. Examples include: geotextile-Genet; geotextile-geogrid; Genet-geomembrane; or what is termed a geosynthetic clay liner. The three main geocomposite material types are: · Drainage geocomposites · Reinforcement geocomposites · Fluid barrier geocomposites.
GEO-COMPOSITE We provide our clients with Geo Composites that are designed using a combination of two or more geosynthetics type material, such as geotextile-genet, geotextile-geogrid, geonet-geomembrane or a geosynthetic clay liner Plastic drainage core surrounded by a geotextile filters are used to form prefabricated geocomposite drains or prefabricated vertical drains . In addition to this, we provide customization as per the specification laid down by the customers.