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Geo-composite We are the manufacturer ,supplier & exporter of Geo-composite in all over the world. A prefabricated water drainage material used to relieve hydrostatic pressure against waterproofing and promote drainge.These products, functioning very well on steep slopes, are less expensive and more durable than the common sand and gravel system Geo-composite use Power Plants Landfill Leachate Collection Gas Collection Mine Ore Treatment Pads Landscape Applications & Repairs Cover Drainage Leak Detection Erosion Control Sports Fields
Geocomposite We are one the well-known manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of geocomposite G eocomposite materi0als is to combine the best features of different materials in such a way that specific applications are addressed in the optimal manner and at minimum cost. Thus, the benefit/cost ratio is maximized. Such geocomposites will generally be geosynthetic materials, but not always Application: Erosion control. Foundation wall drainage. Landfill leachate collection in landfill liners. Leak detection. Caps and closures. Methane gas collection. Pond leak detection. Roadway and pavement drainage.
Geopipe We are the manufactures ,supplier & exporters of Geo Pipe. Clients can avail a wide range of Geo Pipes from us. Available in different grades and dimensions, these pipes are offered in various lengths as per the clients’ specific requirements. These pipes are of solid-wall polymeric or perforated types that can be used in easy drainage of the gas or liquid (including leachate and gas collection in landfill application). In few cases, these pipes act as perforated wrapped along with a Geo textile filter. Features : Thermostatically balanced Provide easy flow Accurate dimensions
Geopipe We are one the well-known manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Geopipe. Geopipe is being used in many aspects of geotechnical, transportation and environmental engineering. It sees uses in water and gas distribution, sewer and wastewater, oil and gas production, industrial and mining uses, power and communications, duct and irrigation systems. We are generally involved in drainage installations in the following applications: Behind retaining walls Around buildings and structures Domestic buildings, driveways, etc. Sub-soil drainage under buildings Sports fields, etc Permanent/temporary lowering of minor water tables for excavation/concrete work Drainage sump and pump installations
Geocomposite Our organisation is counted amongst the most distinguished manufacturer, importers, distributors, traders and suppliers of Geocomposite drains it consist of formed three dimensional polymeric cores that are combined with a geotextile filter fabric. The core offers strength and provides a secure flow channel for collected water. The filter fabric retains soil particles while allowing water to freely enter the drainage core. Application : Leachate Collection Layers Gas Venting or Leak Detection Layers Groundwater Suppression Layers
Geocomposite A geocomposite consists of a combination of different types of geosynthetics. In particular, the geosynthetics industry has developed a number of geocomposite drains, which are polymeric drainage cores with continuously open flow channels sandwiched between geotextile filters. Our Geocomposite products are used for: 1. erosion control 2. foundation wall drainage 3. landfill leachate collection in landfill liners 4. leak detection
Geo-composite we are the manufacturer ,supplier & exporter of geocomposite .Geocomposite is a high strength geocomposite using the separation and filtration performance of a regular polyester, reinforced with high tenacity polyester yarns. These reinforcement fibers are permanently combined with the non-woven base by weft insertion knitting to provide a very strong multi-functional geosynthetic Benefit High-volume flow paths for liquids and gases Lightweight and easy to handle Quick and easy to install Cost-effective replacement for primary natural resources
Geotextile We are the manufacturer,supplier & exporter of geotextile We are involved in offering geotextiles that are used in landfill process. geotextiles are manufactured from high quality polypropylene staple fibers and are mechanically bonded through needle-punching to form a strong, flexible and dimensionally stable fabric structure, with optimum pore sizes and high permeability. Advantages : High Performance High water permeability and gas permeability High tensile strength and tearing resistance Aging resistance Anti-corrosion
Geopipe Our organization is counted amongst the most distinguished manufacturer, importers, distributors, traders and suppliers of geopipe. A geopipe with partial perforated structure is disclosed. The geopipe includes a water permeable portion with a plurality of perforated through holes arranged on an upper arc surface of the geopipe for permitting liquid outside the geopipe permeating into the geopipe through the perforated through holes Applications : Our corrugated perforated pipe is primarily used for groundwater collection or recharge. Although versatile, the primary use of corrugated hdpe/pvc pipe is for gravity flow water management.