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Ocean Coir Geotextiles has the mechanical strength necessary to hold soil in place and prevent erosion. The netting breaks up run-off heavy rains and dissipates the energy of flowing water. Coir also promotes the growth of new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing the top soil from drying out. Coir Geotextiles resembles natural soil in its capacity to absorb solar radiation. This means that there is no risk of excessive heating - sometimes a problem with synthetic Geotextiles. Advantages of ocean coir jute Geotextile The natural product combination will support the development of plants in disturbed wet land areas. By the eco-friendly application of natural materials, we are able to restore nature which has been violated by other forces. Application of coir jute Geotextile 1 Golf courses 2 Ski slopes and Ski lift tracks 3 Erodible sea shores 4 Noise control banks 5 Defence installations INSTALLATION OF OCEAN COIR JUTE GEOTEXTILE Step 1. Preparation of site Step 2. Apply seed & fertilizer Step 3. Spreading of Ocean Coir Geotextiles Step 4. Install the Ocean Coir Geotextiles Step 5. Starting a new roll Step 6. Bottom Stapling Step 7. Re positioning of Ocean Coir Geotextiles

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